As a company which is involved in medical and health, we regard environmental issues seriously. As 21st century is called ‘Century of Environment’, countermeasures to environment are now problems for not only countries and businesses but also broadly for humankind and the earth.

Development of humankind has achieved through consuming energy and leading rich life.

However, behind the scene, environmental destruction triggered pollution, abnormal climate occurs in many parts of the world since enormous energy consumption has been increasing carbon dioxide in the air and accelerating global warming.

As a part of our environmental efforts together with our theme ‘Promoting sound mind and body’, our Joto Plant obtained ISO14001 in December, 2015, and we are expanding activities based on the below environmental policies.

Environmental Policies of Joto Plant, TOYO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

TOYO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will, as a company to support people’s healthy lives, recognize the relationship between lives and global environment, and commit to preserve environment of One Precious Earth and accomplish further missions in all of our business activities.

With this concept, Joto Plant of TOYO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. declares the ‘Environmental Policies’ as follows;

  1. We comply with environment-related regulations, other requirements and comprehensively prevent contamination.
  2. We reduce resource consumption, energy consumption and wastes in our manufacturing activities, and commit to maintain and improve healthy environment.
  3. Our plants and all the departments and sections set environmental purpose, environmental target and action plans in order to achieve the environmental policies, and continuously improve environmental preservation system and performance.
  4. Our employees receive education on basic ideas on environment as well as actions complied with the environmental policies at our plant.
  5. Our plant value harmony with the local community and promote environmental management activities. Also, we disclose our environmental policies to the local community and its public if necessary.

Our efforts

Not to mention reduction of wasted in production, we act on 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) of waste. As a part of the actions, we succeeded to recycle parts of raw material containers which were dumped before, to reform shapes and materials with keeping quality of the raw materials.
We try to fulfill in-house employee education and activities, with emphasizing individual action.

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