With a strong sense of mission, we contribute people lead healthy lives through the medical field.

In the midst of the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry, "stable supply of high- quality pharmaceuticals to the public", "realization of high-quality and efficient medical care" and "promotion of innovation" are required, and the role of pharmaceuticals is getting bigger and bigger.

We TOYO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has the theme of "Promoting health shining mind and body," have been expanded the field of activities by conducting pharmaceutical manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and joint research and development based on the experience accumulated over the history of over 100 years, the latest technology, and the enthusiasm and ingenuity of all employees.

In order to make a further leap forward as a company that contributes people lead healthy lives, we will continue to carry out further research and development with speed, and strive to build a strict manufacturing control and quality control system. We look forward to your continued support in the future.

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