What are required for pharmaceutical products

They are safety and credibility on quality in addition to effectiveness of pharmaceutical product. Stable quality production is essential in order to realize them.

3 principals of GMP in pharmaceutical product production:

  • Minimize human errors
  • Prevent contamination and quality loss
  • Design a system to assure higher quality

With those 3 principals as our motto, we aim to maintain and improve Toyo policies and Toyo brand under the 2 structures of Good Quality Practice/Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practice/Quality Assurance.

Aiming to maintain the level of high-quality pharmaceutical products, we assure appropriate manufacturing and quality of our products by complying with GMP.
Also, communicating closely with our GMP department, we keep the quality assurance structure in order to promptly correct things necessary for improvement.
As pharmaceutical products are life-related products which have important roles for securing health and treatment of disease, the quality must be highly assured and supplied stably.
Therefore, in marketing process, a quality assurance manager and other quality assurance staff examine and check necessary documents thoroughly, and always commit to gain credibility by providing products which patients and medical workers can use with safety and trust.
We commit to produce high-quality pharmaceutical products by properly executing and continuing manufacturing process management and quality control.
Also, we keep the structure to provide safe and reliable pharmaceutical products with working closely with GQP/QA by building and adopting CAPA as well as Quality Risk Management System.
Moreover, as for materials, we actively promote quality standardization based on PIC/S under the cooperation with our own GQP/QA.
To makers who commission manufacturing to us, we are pursuing to provide high-quality contracted products through close communication and cooperation. In order to enhance and maintain the above quality assurance structure by working closely with GQP/QA, we commit to produce safe, reliable and high-quality pharmaceutical products.


We constantly collect, evaluate and examine both domestic and overseas safety reports (on side-effect information and so on) concerning pharmaceutical products after manufacturing and distributing (post-marketing), and promptly take security control measures as needed. These security control measures include reporting to regulator, revising attached ‘precautions for use’ and subsequent documenting of notification.

We aim to immediately provide ‘information on effective and safe use of pharmaceutical product’ to medical workers so that the products on the market can be properly used.

Also, we hold periodical meetings with the quality assurance department to closely share and examine information on safety and quality in order to provide safe, trustworthy and high-quality pharmaceutical products and to build quality assurance.

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Awaji office
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