We have established a long history devoting to pharmacy up to now since our establishment in 1918. We hope to continue out effort to cherish diligence and wisdom which is symbolized in our logo of a bee, and to supply safe and high-quality pharmaceutical products to the society.

The environment which surrounds pharmaceutical products is now shifting drastically with 2 major factors of globalization and aging. Our motto is steady business management, sincerity and building solid product and quality control, and we’d like to devote ourselves to contribute to people’s living based on our theme ‘Promoting sound mind and body.’

On the other hand, in order that those efforts of ours are accepted, we need to realize company’s sociality and promote temperate business activities. We decided not only to comply with related regulations, but also to take initiative to act with high sense of ethics, and we hereby institute ‘TOYO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with basic concepts in business activities, such as setting up an organization, assigning persons in charge to comply with, practice, educate and monitor TOYO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Compliance Program, providing consultation service and enacting penalties for violations.

  1. We will develop useful and high quality pharmaceutical products with high level of effectiveness and safety, and offer them together with necessary information.
  2. We will act with respect to all people’s human rights in every aspects of our business practice.
  3. We will comply with laws in every aspects of our business practice, and try to maintain fair relationship with society.
  4. We will try to preserve the global environment in every aspects of our business practice.
  5. We aim business management with high transparency, and will actively disclose information regarding our business practice.
  6. We will pursue harmony with society as corporate citizens.

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